The Women in Information and Communication (WIC) organisation was established on 17 May 2000 and is run by volunteers who choose to give their time to ensure the success of the organisation. Alicia Payne MP is the patron of WIC.


WIC Mission and Vision

MISSION – How do we do things

WIC advocates for women in ICT across all stages of their career lifecycle – fostering connections, building confidence, and contributing to inclusive and diverse environments.

VISION – What we aspire to

WIC empowers all women to participate in ICT in Australia – leading the way to remove barriers, foster equality, and provide support for them to thrive.

PRINCIPLES – The things that guide our actions

    maintains and fosters a sense of community. WIC shares content focused on advocating for women in ICT, connection, and community, opportunities for women in ICT, and education and career support.
    supports women at all stages of their ICT career – supporting girls and women in school, and tertiary institutions. WIC is committed to advancing women starting out, returning to the industry, or with established careers in ICT.
    has created an uplifting, inclusive, and diverse community committed to championing women in ICT
    A just world without gender inequality requires significant change. Advocacy for such change is one of WIC’s core strengths and objectives.
    is committed to fostering inclusion for all and contributing to reconciliation and recognition of First Nations People.

WIC Committee

The WIC Committee member’s participation and involvement are on a voluntary basis. The success of WIC has been due to the commitment and efforts of women and men who have found WIC’s aims so valuable and are working towards a future where the information and communication industries are well represented by women.

If you wish to know more about the WIC Constitution please email

The WIC Committee meets once a month to set the direction for WIC activities and manage the day-to-day running of the group. There are ten board positions comprising President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and up to six other board members. Nomination to the board is open to all WIC members and the election takes place each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Nominations are accepted from any current financial WIC member and should be made in advance of the AGM through submitting a completed WIC Committee Nomination form.

Committees of the board are formed to help run specific WIC activities. Voluntary membership of a committee is open to all WIC members and you can join at any time. For more information on committees including information on how to join please contact us at