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Raw Magic Award 2023

Congratulations to Jean Linis-Dinco

Jean Linis-Dincó is a notable figure in technology, human rights, and cybersecurity. She holds the position of Data Governance Specialist at Victoria Legal Aid and is a PhD candidate at UNSW Canberra, specializing in government propaganda and online disinformation, with a focus on the Rohingya conflict. Jean has earned global recognition, including a Peace Ambassadorship from the European Commission.

In addition to her work in data governance, she actively contributes to combating online hate speech and disinformation through machine learning models. Her efforts extend to inclusivity and the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights, earning her accolades for her impactful contributions. Jean is dedicated to addressing global issues and emphasizes the involvement of underrepresented communities in these discussions.

About the Award

WIC’s Raw Magic award aims to support a woman in maximizing her potential as she transitions from ICT studies into the workforce.

If you have any questions please contact:

Josephine Clabria

Mobile: 0417 574 301

WIC Vice President