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WIC Male Champion of Change Award 2023

Congratulations to Mat Franklin

Mat Franklin, Managing Director of MF & A, is a steadfast advocate for gender equality and diversity. His company has received the “Best Place to Work” award in the Australian Women in Security Awards and was a finalist in the AISA Awards in 2023. Notably, around 60% of MF & A’s workforce consists of women, and an impressive 75% of the leadership team are women. This commitment to gender diversity reflects Mat Franklin’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace environment.

About the Award

WIC recognizes the importance of collaborative efforts between women and men to advance gender equity. While women have long been advocates for change, it is often men who hold the power to implement the necessary changes. WIC encourages men to leverage their influence by engaging in conversations with other men, acknowledging bias, speaking out against unacceptable behaviors, and addressing systemic imbalances that hinder the progress of women.

The WIC Male Champion of Change award is bestowed upon a man who has made a substantial contribution to championing women within the ICT industry. This award recognizes individuals who empower both women and men, contributing to the achievement of inclusive and diverse outcomes.

If you have any questions please contact:

Josephine Clabria

Mobile: 0417 574 301

WIC Vice President