WIC Annual Dinner Debate

The annual WIC Dinner Debate celebrates the achievements of women in the Information and Communication industry. The evening provides the Canberra community with the opportunity to socialise, network and enjoy an entertaining night of riotous laughter as our debaters take a light-hearted approach to a range of topics.


The Dinner Debate topics are a tongue-in-cheek approach to current events at the time of the debate. Previous topics include;

  • Cities are DEAD
  • LinkedIn, Lattes and Lycra are the ONLY way to network in Canberra
  • Promoting, not mentoring, will solve gender equity in ICT
  • Cyber is the new black
  • AI – am I smarter than a robot?
  • I would rather live without Caffeine than my Smartphone


Save the Date 11 November 2022 @ the National Art Gallery of Australia Tickets on sale soon.  For more inquiries email us at  info@wic.org.au.


WIC is a Canberra based not-for-profit organisation bringing people together to champion women in Information and Communication. Our vision is to be the premier organisation for women in Information and Communication in Canberra. As part of this vision, WIC has set up our annual awards recognising the women, both established, emerging and yet to commence their ICT journey, and men who work to champion women in the Information and Communication industry.

WICked Women of the Year
Award 2021

Male Champion of Change
Award 2021

Defying Gravity
Award 2021

Student Encouragement
Award 2021

Nominations for the WIC Awards 2022 will be open from August 1 – October 30 2022.